Starting Guide For BigIdeaMastermind and empower network

Starting Guide For Bigideamastermind

Hello and welcome to BigIdeaMastermind.

You have selected a right decision to enroll yourself with this golden opportunity.This opportunity will never let you down.

The purpose of creating this page is to help you in building your whole set-up  and integration of BIM in Empower Network.If you are serious to earn and “ALL IN” then you have to follow these simple steps.

Lets Start Step wise-

  1. After Creating Empower Network account(Be sure to pay $25 and $19.5).Go to and register your self.When you will click on this link,there u can see video by Vick  and you have to do exact what it is being taught.
    On Bim registration page,you have to put API numbers that will integrate your empower network account with BIM.Do not worry about this,Everything is shown in the video. (While registration,if you are getting error,do not panic.Send support ticket to BIM.You have to send ticket to

    Please send  following, to check on your status:
    EN Username:
    Your EN Registered Email Address: 
    Sponsor Username:
     (My username is gurmeet ,If I am your sponsor)
    Would be best if you could send  a screenshot of your EN dashboard showing your sponsor’s details, and another screenshot showing your $25.00, $19.95, and your $100.00 (if applicable).
  2. Congratulations,Now you are a member of BIM.Now the next thing is to start building your list.It is very Important because in affiliate marketing your whole business is based on your LIST.More member in your list,more sales you can make.You have to create account in one of the autoresponder to build your list.I recommend Getresponse because only getresponse works with BIM system.So it is compulsory to use Getresponse.To create account in Getresponse CLICK HERE.Always go for paid version because free version does not work with BigIdeaMastermind.

  3. This step is very important and the main thing is that it is neglected by many internet marketers.What you have to do is to buy a Domain and redirect it to BIM landing page.This is necessary because the URL of landing page are very long with lot of characters and unusual signs and it is very difficult for people to remember and type.Suppose,If you have to tell anyone on phone or you advertise on newspaper about BIM,It will be easy for you to dictate.Now,the question arises,How to choose good domain?I recommend you to buy dotCOM extension as it is commonly used and people have habit of typing dotCOM instead of info,net,org,cc etc.What should be your domain name?I have a very good answer for this question.There are mainly 2 ways to choose domain .First way is to include your name in domain.Suppose your name is John,you can have domain like workwithjohndotcom,earnwithjohndotcom etc.You can choose whatever you like.Now the second way is to show in your domain what you are giving ,example earn1000dailydotcom, hope that you get some idea how to choose domain.There are many companies out there from where you can buy domain but I recommend godaddy due to several reasons like they have good support,helping nature and most important thing is they have low rate.It cost approx $9 for one year to buy domain from godaddy.To register your domain CLICK HERE
  4. Hey,everything is done.Now,it is your time to rock.Go and advertise your link to vast Traffic.You can either buy paid traffic or free traffic.Paid traffic is good as it has diverse and proper directed niche and quick to get with good results.
  5. I have done my part,Now it is your turn to show what you got.

Bonus Training

I have personally build training website for my team

Password – bepositive


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I want  all my members must earn good money atleast $1000/day.I will always be with you.

Contact me anytime whenever you need help

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