TelexFree is being investigated by USA SEC and Brazil

TelexFree is being investigated by SEC-US and Brazil

TelexFree is company that is a branch and owned by Telexfree.Inc and have headquarters in US and Brazil.The owners of the company are Carlos Roberto Costa, Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler and James Matthew Merrill.Company operate under Ympactus Comercial Ltd in Brazil.The company already suffered huge loss in Brazil when judicial authorities referred TelexFree a Ponzi Scheme and shut down all its operations in Brazil.Now another bad news for investors is that it is now under the investigation of US- SEC which is responsible to close ZeekReward,Adsurfdaily, profitable sunrise and more.

Many people in Brazil protest against the decision of court to shut down Telexfree by coming out on the streets.Many big investors ( promoters or leaders) tried their best but all in Vain.

Even Telexfree owners  filed many petitions against the decision of court but every time it get dismissed and the operation of company is still closed in Brazil.Now it is the turn of US SEC to take action,lets see what’s the outcome.

Some of the mobile operator companies of Brazil have also filed complaint against Telexfree to provide Voip service without having legal license to sell.

TelexFree-What authorities have to say about it!

According to Alessandra Marques (responsible for shutting down of TelexFree in Brazil) ,of the Acre Public Prosecutor’s Office,here is the conversion-

After relating his conversation about telexfree now it is sure that SEC will take strict action against Telexfree company owners and other people who are related to this company.

In my opinion,US SEC are very strict against Ponzi or Pyramid scheme and We can see the related example of Profitbale sunrise and Zeekreward.If we correlate what happened in Brazil,I think US is going to take the same or even harsh action.

What to do If I have joined telexfree ?

Anyone who joined Telexfree recently is either new to online industry or he do not know what is going on with telexfree.If you are part of telexfree and promoting either stop or wait for the outcome.I recommend you to stay away from this program and request a refund as soon as possible.

Anyone who continues to promote telexfree according to the present status of a program is either mentally retarded or have low I.Q. He may be prosecuted, jailed or fined.Just search on google what happen to the promoters of SkyBiz,TVI express and many more programs like telexfree.

Please comment below to give your reviews about Telexfree.

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