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Online Consultation

Looking for online Consultation.

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Hi, I am Dr Gurmeet your online doctor. I have been diagnosing and curing my patients for the past 35 years. I specialize in Ayurveda and I believe body has the power to self heal and our lifestyle plays an important role. After years of research I have created my Ayurvedic medicine which speeds up the healing and cures your body. Let’s start your healing journey, I provide online consultation as well as you can drop by at my clinic.



Ayurveda is a healing science which focuses on lifestyle. Right diet and thinking is a crucial part of this ancient treasure.


Naturopathy is a science which promotes self healing and recovery of the body through the use of natural remedies and herbal medicines.


Yoga offers a balance and stability to the body. Practicing Yoga everyday increases your flexibility. It also provides clarity and boosts mental health.

Natural Remedies

We take medicines for small issues we face. Medicines are a temporary relief which affect our immunity, natural remedies are a permanent cure.

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Are you facing any anxiety, depression psychological or weight management issues, Let me help you. I also provide consultations for,

  • Dietary Needs

    A healthy diet is very important to keep the right nutrients flowing. I will help you to set up a diet plan as per your body requirements.

  • Child Healthcare

    Children are often more exposed and in need of extensive attention and care. I can help you diagnose the issues to boost up your childs health.

  • Chronic Ailments

    Chronic Ailments include the diseases which last more than 3 months, example Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes.

  • Herbal Remedies

    Herbal Remedies provide the necessary supplements which the food is not able to provide. They are extracted from dried or fresh plants and can be taken in the form of tea, powder or capsules.

  • General Diagnosis

    I also provide general diagnosis, to asses the your mental or physical issues and provide general remedies or prescription.

  • Pulse Diagnosis

    Pulse diagnosis is a very effective technique, it requires years of practice but provides very accurate result in quick diagnosis of ailment.

  • Specialized Diagnosis

    Sometimes we have to go a step further and rely on deep diagnosis and understand the issue the patient is facing.

  • Report Analysis

    I also provide analysis of your reports obtained after Lab Test, such as MRI, CT-Scan, X-Rays etc.

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